Grease is a semi solid to a solid material of dispersion of thickening agent in liquid lubricant. The thickener can be either soap or non soap. The liquid lubricant is of mineral or synthetic type. Additives are added to impart special properties. Greases are used where it is not practical or convenient to use oil. It is used in machinery that runs intermittently or is idle for extended periods of time. It is also recommended for components that are not accessible easily for lubrication and those subjected to extreme temperature, pressure or shock loads

One of our GREASE products is High Performance lithium base Semi – fluid Grease having extreme pressure (EP) properties. This grease is formulated using High VI Base oil and Lithium soap coupled with an oxidation Inhibitor and EP additives to enable the grease to withstand heavy & shock loads during operation This is mainly designed to replace heavy viscosity gear oil in gear cases where excessive leakages are observed in gear cases

Test PerticularsTest Methode-ASTMPower GEM EP000
colourVisualPale Yellow
soap typeLithium
base oil viscosity @ 40C cST,minD-445135-165
penetration @ 25C, 60 strokesD-217445-475
Drop point , C , minD-2265150
Rust testD 1743Pass
Timken OK Load lbs , minD 250940
Four Ball Weld Load KGSIP 239200
Four Ball Wear scar dia, mm(max)D 22960.6


• Particularly suitable for the lubrication of enclosed Gears and bearings in poorly sealed gear Cases
• This can also be recommended in many other industrial applications where conventional gear oils cannot be retained in Chain cases, Gear cases etc
• The recommended temperature range is -10 Deg C to 120 Deg C


• Good Pumpability in Centralized Systems
• Effective Leakage control
• Excellent Wear Protection under Heavy or Shock Loading
• Good Water Resistance characteristics
• Protection against rust and corrosion

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